'Asian: Capturing the Orient' Artist Roster

Visual Artists

Jialin Chen
Jialin enjoys painting and music. She began learning Chinese calligraphy when she was five years old. When Julian turned eight, she developed an interest in Chinese traditional drawing. She studied under a teacher named Sun Youming. At fifteen, Jialin started doing sketchwork. Her goal is to someday work as a Graphic Designer for Animation.

Lester Corral
Lester studied Applied Design at San Diego State University. He has been designing things from fine metal, ceramics, wood, and fabric. His schooling makes him feel well rounded in the field of design. Lester's imagination along with his vision have always been his approach in designing things for others. His emphasis at SDSU was Woodworking/Studio Furniture Design. He also studied and experimented a lot with surface manipulation in the textile field.

Paula Des Jardins
Paula Des Jardins, a Philadelphia native, received her BFA, cum laude, from Rosemont College, and furthered her figurative studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Her subsequent move to Asia offered both a new perspective and palate as she continued her passion for painting. Tinges of that exotic environment can be seen in her contemporary abstract pieces. Ms. Des Jardins has since traveled to over 30 countries with each new culture presenting further inspiration. Ms. Des Jardins is well established artist on the east coast and is currently working in Southern California. Her work is internationally renowned for its’ brilliant use of color, textures, powerful brush strokes, and glorious light. Her works are included in many private and corporate collections. Critics agree that the work of Paula Des Jardins is “modern art that will endure.

Keith Greene
Keith is a fun loving type of guy with a free spirit, who in 1988, left Brooklyn to find whatever he could in Scandinavia. There he lived in Malmoe, Sweden's third largest city, for 12 years. Today, he tattoos full time along with various side projects and exhibitions. He learned web design, multi-media, and graphic design, among other things, in Sweden.

Fujiko Isomura
Fujiko Isomura was born in Tokyo, Japan. Fujiko received her AA in graphic design from Musashino Art University Junior College in Tokyo, BA from Coe College, Cedar Rapids in IA focusing in printmaking and painting, and then MFA from University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1998. Fujiko exhibits her artwork in juried exhibitions, nationally and internationally. She has been invited as a guest artist by various institutions and organizations. She has also received a fellowship and her work has won awards in national competitions. She lives and works in San Diego, California.

Loren Kulesus

Ying-lai Li
Li Ying-lai lives in Chengdu with his wife (also an artist) and young daughter. When Gary of Oriental Outpost met Li Ying-lai and his wife Liu Da-lu, they were virtually on the street desperately trying to sell their artwork. After buying most of the artwork from their collection, the topic of warriors came up. Gary had been looking for good warrior artwork all over China for more than two years at that point, and was really excited when Li Ying-lai said he could paint warriors. He was later discovered by an art magazine writer and a collector from Shanghai. Fast forward a couple years, and Li Ying-lai has now become possibly the most famous warrior artist in all of China. Currently Li Ying-lai is doing exhibitions in Beijing, Hong Kong, with details being worked out for a show in Japan. Li Ying-lai is represented outside of Asia by Gary Westergren and OrientalOutpost.com.

Elissa Lieberman
Elissa paints large allegorical, figurative paintings. She uses her own experiences and chooses imagery to connect these experiences to the collective unconscious. She references mythology, art history, popular culture, and imagined images to produce large powerful pieces of art. Elissa has a Master of Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Bachelor of Fine Art from Columbus College of Art and Design.

Trisha Martin

Jessi Matthes
Artist Jessi Matthes is a graduate from the University of Delaware with a degree in Fine Art and Illustration. She currently resides in San Diego and paints murals, portraits, and illustrations. Jessi has been painting watercolor and oils professionally for the past 15 years. She has been most recently been working on a series of orchids, wildflowers, waterlilies, and koi. Visit Jessi's Store in Pangaea Outpost, located on Garnet Ave 2 blocks from the beach in Pacific Beach, CA

Frank Nadarzynski
Frank Nadarzynski learned traditional art techniques working with oils, acrylics and extensive airbrush. He's exhibited his paintings in various galleries and restaurants over the years, and his art work hangs in numerous homes throughout the country. He purchased his first computer ten years ago and educated himself in Photoshop. From there he went on to combine his interest in photography with his own photo manipulation creating surreal images. He continues to translate his visions through his digital palette.

Guo-de Ou-yang
Ou-yang Guo-de hails from near Guilin in Southern China. After a difficult childhood that included the death of his mother, and a railroad accident at age 12 that left him with no legs and only one arm, he has overcome it all. In China, the most common career choice would have been to become a beggar on the street. But not Ou-yang Guo-de! While fate and luck played in his favor, it was his determination that lead him to become a successful artist in Guilin. If you are ever down on life, all you need to do is visit Mr. Ou-yang and feel this guy's enthusiasm for life. You'll find that he is always surrounded by friends who seem to feed off of his energy and happiness. Mr. Ou-yang is represented internationally by Gary Westergren and OrientalOutpost.com.

Xia Qin
Qin Xia is from just outside of Jinan (the capital of Shandong Province in Northern China). Her immaculate gong bi (highly-detailed) style of painting has made her famous around China. By far she is one of the most prolific bird and flower artists in China. Her artwork is so popular that you can find forgeries in virtually every art market across China. OrientalOutpost.com is an authorized representative of Qin Xia in the USA, UK, Canada, Western Europe and Australia.

Blair Rusin
Blair was born to be an artist. His father and generations before him have had the genetic ability to communicate through art. Blair became a commissioned portrait artist at the age of sixteen (Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame) and his style has only improved over the years. To further his studies after high school, he studied at la Scuela de Medici, in Florence Italy. There he focused his energies on expanding the depth and breadth of his artwork. Blair has learned from other forms of creative influence. He has spent time as a photographer's model, graphic designer, mural painter and as an architectural renderer's apprentice. His dreams and his hyperactive personality continue to provide an unending source of inspiration.

Macoe Swett
Macoe is a graphic designer/illustrator with over ten years of industry experience. She has her own business called Urban Legend Design and also teaches at the Art Institute of California. Additionally, she is pursuing her MFA in Design and Illustration at Miami International University of Art and Design. She recently received an award from Graphic Design USA for work done for San Diego Baykeeper, which appeared in their December 2005 issue. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, house music, and taking her Great Dane puppy to the beach.

Tomo Uesugi
Tomo moved to San Diego from Japan about 5 years ago. He believes that San Diego is among the best cities in which he has lived. He appreciates the diversity Californian culture. He feels his work represents his world. The subject of Tomo’s work is always the people who he knows well. He believes his world is composed of association with others, so describing images of his friends can reveal the society to which he belongs. Tomo has a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences Art with emphasis in Painting and Printmaking from SDSU.

John Valois
After a forty year career in the academic world, including thirty-one years as a psychology professor at the University of San Diego, John turned to the world of art a means of fulfillment. While he used traditional oil and acrylic media during the sixties and seventies, he has found the flexibility and range of possibilities afforded by the digital medium to be truly amazing and an excellent means for expressing one's creative thoughts and feelings. He uses several digital painting programs, including Photoshop and Painter to create his work and has also begun to integrate photography into his artwork. Although without formal art training, he has had a lifelong passion for art, literature and music. Generating an artistic work leads him frequently into unforeseen areas with sometimes surprising results. The conflicts and complementarities of the inner and outer worlds play a significant role in the content of his work. Ezra Pound once gave a definition of an artistic image as an “intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time.” Much of John’s work results in emotional-thought images which are indeed time-captures of these complexes.

Performing Artists

Arnel L. Aguinaldo (ALA) cherishes his experience, which dates back to 1989, as a messenger and a conscientious motivator of the crowd. Although his eclectic taste allowed him to master his skills in hip-hop, funk, and house formats, ALA insists his passion is rooted from a musical influence molded from icons such as Stevie Wonder, EWF, MJ, and Prince. Yet, as with any worthy endeavor, ALA always strived to redefine his musical identity and in the late 90's discovered an affinity for the powerful music of the underground. DJ's such as Tony Humphries, Blaze, Masters at Work, and other influential House notables became sources of inspiration for ALA's sound. His soulful collections, Mar Del Sol and G Lounge, brought international attention to this groove master as each compilation was aired on regular top 10 rotation on many streaming radio stations on the world wide web. It is his signature sound that he hopes will take listeners in a journey from a funky frenzy to a deep, sexy, & soulful euphoria.

Masazumi Mizuno
Masazumi Mizuno is a master of the Japanese instrument, the koto. She currently lives in Escondido and teaches this beautiful art to students of music and Japanese culture.

Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble
Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble of the Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts and Education Center performs traditional gong music & dances from Mindanao Island, Philippines. Pakaraguian is the Maguindanao term for a celebration of music & dance. Kulintang music is indigenous Mindanao music that is played among the Maranaos, Maguindanaos, and Tausug tribes. This music is played at social gatherings, during weddings, festivals, healing rituals, to accompany dances, as a form of recreation, and sometimes to drive away evil spirits. Formed in Sept 2003 by UCLA graduates Bernard Ellorin, Mary Talusan, Eleanor Lipat, Peter Paul De Guzman and Nickki Martin, this group has been performing all over Southern California at different festivals, colleges, and events.

San Diego Wing Chun Kung Fu Association
Sifu Ben Black and Jason Greschke will be representing this martial arts organization and performing a demonstration in Wing Chun Kuen. Ben Black spent 5 Years in Wing Chun Kung Fu, and he has also had the honor of Studying in China for over a year from Yuan Kay San Wing Chun founders Grandson Sifu Yuan. The Association is a Traditional school of Wing Chun Kung Fu for sincere students to learn and practice Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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