About San Diego Speed Networking

San Diego Speed Networking was borne from an increasingly popular concept in major business hubs across the country: speed networking. Speed networking events have experienced growth because they actually work in helping companies, individuals, and organizations reach their business goals.

The San Diego Speed Networking team is motivated and business-minded and organize high quality and effective events. Our goal is to help businesses, both large and small, expand their networking circle by assembling them in an energetic and active environment. We will work diligently to maximize your networking experience with us.

Why San Diego Speed Networking?

In any business, networking works as an effective tool to get your message out to a large and diverse audience. At San Diego Speed Networking, you will have the opportunity to meet many people in one event! San Diego Speed Networking is efficient because you have a set amount of time to meet each contact. Your time is spent meeting the optimum number of contacts within a short period.

This structured networking format allows you to do what you go to networking events for: to meet people! Too often are networking events in settings that do not allow for meeting either a lot of people or for just meeting the right people. With San Diego Speed Networking, you will meet more people in one night than you will by going to several "traditional" networking events.

Will all the contacts you meet be relevant to your business?

Not everyone you meet will be directly relevant to your business; however, chances are that if a contact is not directly relevant to you, it is likely that they will know someone who is. By using your personal network to help others, they will reciprocate and connect you to those who can help your business goals.

Personal recommendation and referrals are the most effective marketing tools. We give you access to a wealth of potential referrals in a fun and relaxed environment. Because we are not industry-specific, we encourage diversity so that many connections are made, leading to the greater potential for referral.

How should you prepare for this event?

Prepare a carefully planned description about your goals short enough to be delivered in a minute. Bring plenty of business cards and brochures or fliers to distribute during the event, as well as a notepad to remember important facts. We also encourage audio visual products for your booth that showcase the opportunities your company will offer.

Who should attend?

San Diego Speed Networking is not industry specific and welcomes everyone with an interest in expanding their network, increasing their business and seeking new resources and partnerships. The diversity of the participants is what makes this event a success. We do, however, limit the number of participants from the same industry, allowing for more diversity in networking.

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