Who You Callin' Apathetic!? is going to be a huge earth day event on April 14th, in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Our generation is often called apathetic due to the lack of response to recent horrible events. I don't think we're apathetic, I think we don't know where to start. So here's a start.

The event will start out with a nationally organized gathering by stepitup on Ocean Beach at 3pm, near the pier. These gatherings will happen all over the nation, and there are nearly one thousand of them. The goal of this is to get Congress to commit to lowering carbon emissions 80% by 2050. I'm inviting local politicians and the media, as are the hundreds of other gatherings.

Bring a banner to the event saying something about stopping global warming, beach towels will work well for this (some cali flavor for the photos). Drinks are allowed at this beach, byob. For the love of god, don't litter at an earth day event!

After 4pm, everyone will go down to Rock Paper Scissors (4976 Newport Avenue, 92107), an art gallery just a short walk from the beach for an art show with the theme of change (especially environmental). There will be auctions, art for sale, free drinks (provided by Green Flash Brewery, Grey Goose, and Red Bull), free food and great music by Variable, The Shys, and DJ's Julie Jensen and Bryan Lloyd! Bring cash for donating to the Surfrider Foundation!!!

Starting at 7pm, there will be a benefit concert right down Newport Avenue at Portugalia (4839 Newport Avenue, 92107) going on until 1:30am. Performers include Jordan Loder, Vegitation, South West Nomadic, Continental Kings, and DJ Illson! All proceeds from the concert go to San Diego Youth and Community Services.

Meghan Grunow
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The official "Who You Callin' Apathetic?!" flier. Click on the flier for a larger image.

"Who You Callin' Apathetic?!" will benefit these organizations!

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